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Iron Butterfly Refresh

Whitehall’s popular public sculpture on the ACWL-Nuveen's Art Walk trail - Iron Butterfly was refreshed this past weekend. The sculpture, created by artist Josh Waumbaugh and installed in 2011, is prominently situated in the Dirt Dauber garden at the corner of South Mears and Main. The 11’ high orange and white butterfly was in desperate need of cleaning plus rust and Plexi-glass repair after 12 years exposed to the elements. The ACWL-Nuveen’s Art Walk Committee noted the repairs and reached out to Josh to see if he would be available to restore the butterfly back to it’s original beauty. Josh, who now lives in Portland, Michigan, made the drive over and tackled the repairs at his parent's home in Hart with help from his brother. Many thanks to Josh!

ACWL-Nuveen’s Art Walk committee led by Board member Kathy Rogers and assisted by fellow members Peter Johnson, Ann Kraus, Laura Ritchie, Kanda Parrot and Assistant Director, Susan Wink, have been hard at work this summer surveying all 19 sculptures on the Art Walk and determining the various repairs needed. In July, assisted by the White Lake Fire Authority Chief Pete McCarthy and fire fighter Hadden Young, the committee tackled cleaning the iconic White Lake sculpture, Sailboat/Trees in Covell Park. The Art Walk Committee is dedicated to sprucing up all 19 sculptures, making repairs and tidying up the landscaping around the artworks. We are coordinating our efforts with both the City of Whitehall and Montague as well as seeking donations to help fund these efforts. The Art Walk trail, which is part of the Hart/Montague bike trail sets the White Lake area apart and makes a statement about our arts loving community. If you would like to help the cause, please donate here


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