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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a membership? 

Joining as a member gives you a variety of exclusive benefits; including a 10% discount on classes and purchases. You can also be proud knowing that your tax deductible donation supports our organization's day to day operational costs. Be a part of an art community by finding out more about our membership levels here. 

Are donations tax deductible? 

Yes, we are a registered 501(c)3. You will receive a tax letter in the mail within six weeks of your donation. Follow this link to a list of our programs and to donate today. 

Are you hiring? 

The Arts Council of White Lake runs on a small staff. When we are hiring you will find a note on our homepage and facebook. If you are interested in teaching you can submit a class idea here. 

How do I get my artwork in the gallery?

Artists are accepted through a jury process, only when there is space for new artists in the gallery. To inquire and/or get your name on our waitlist, please call (231) 893-2524 or email

Do you accept used art supplies? 

Please call (231) 893-2524 or email to see if we are interested in your used art supplies. Most likely we will say 'yes, please'!, but classroom storage space is limited so a heads up is much preferred.

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