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Art Walk

Experience White Lake through art. Since October of 2005, the Arts Council of White Lake—Nuveen Center has placed several sculptures throughout the community. Enjoy regional scenery while you bike or walk the trail. Art Walk sculptures have been made possible with the help from many individual White Lake Community members, corporate sponsors, and grants. Those sponsors are listed at each sculpture site.

Download the map HERE




1. Flow by Robert L. Barnum

Relief Sculpture on Dowling St.     

8701 Ferry Street, Montague


6. Create by Gypsy Schindler and students

Mural in ACWL—Nuveen Parking lot 

106 E. Colby Street, Whitehall





2. Marilyn Voss Sculpture Garden


       a. Swimming Upstream

        Artist: Robert L. Barnum


        b. Due Ciga

        Artist: Michael Westra


3.    Opus in Three Movements

        Artists: John & Amy Wilkinson


4.     Sailboat/Trees

        Artist: George Ramsay


5.     Fish In Line

        Artists: Al Weston with Andy Jagniecki


7.     Lake Spirits

        Artist: David G. Anderson


8.     Wildflower

        Artist: Stan Policka


9.    Iron Butterfly

        Artist: Josh Wambaugh


10.  Serene Trees                                     

        Artists: Sharon Smithem & Wesley Brown                          

11.   Windwave

        Artist: Cara O’Brien


12.   Flowers Heaven Scent

        Artist: Stan Policka


13.   Szilassi Polyhedron

        Artist: Tim Carr of Black Bear Forge


Art Walk map 2021 map.png
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