Give the gift of time to support the arts. 

Lend a Hand

Become a Program Volunteer

The Program Volunteer assists the art teacher by helping with preparation of materials and clean up (put away supplies, wash tools, etc.) as well as helping children stay focused on the activity during the program. The Program Volunteer works as a mentor, helping to engage children in the activities by developing a positive bond with one or more children. The volunteer serves as a role model to help children learn and implement social, academic, and technical skills.

Become a Committee or Board Volunteer

ACWL - Nuveen seeks community members to assist in furthering its mission and growing its presence in the community through committee and board involvement:

1. Board of Directors Members direct the vision of the organization. Help enhance your community arts by meeting monthly and volunteering on a committee.

2. Fundraising Committee Members meet monthly to develop and implement fundraising events. Do you have ideas to engage the community in events to support our mission? 

3. Marketing Committee Members meet monthly to help develop marketing ideas and advise the board and staff on decisions involving marketing methods and materials.


4. Programming Committee Members meet monthly to oversee class and exhibit execution. 


5. Membership Committee Members meet monthly to develop materials to engage the community and increase membership. 

Become an Event Volunteer 

ACWL - Nuveen Event Volunteers help promote our programs at various events, assist event attendees with art making activities, or get needed preparations done during a work-day event.  Some events include festivals, exhibition openings, art unveilings, fundraisers, and other community events. Event volunteers help with set up and take down, as well as assist with art activities being offered to the public. Activities may include helping passers-by do a small take home art activity, group art project, or art demonstrations to name a few.

Become an Gallery Volunteer

The Gallery Volunteer helps with “behind the scenes” activities that support our teachers, staff and overall experiences for guests. They help general office duties, answer phones, and greet customers. 

The Nuveen Center is accessible to all visitors–whatever their ability. Each room is wheelchair accessible, including classrooms and restroom. Guide animals are also welcome. Feel free to call us in advance of your visit so we can accommodate any special needs. 

Address: 106 E. Colby St.

             Whitehall, MI 49461

Email: Nuveen@artswhitelake.org

Phone: (231) 893-2524

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