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Emerging Artist of Color Resident, Nina Oliver

For Emerging Artist of Color Artist-in-Residence Nina Oliver, making art is a way to be close to her family and to be herself. As a rising junior at Muskegon Heights Academy, Nina has been creating since she was a little girl. She loved watching TV shows, but when the TV was turned off, she would make her own comics to tell her own stories. Today, Nina enjoys sketching, as well as painting with both watercolor and acrylic.

Nina working with her artist mentor, Lester White

Over the past few days and throughout the upcoming week, Nina will be in residence at the ACWL-Nuveen, painting, sketching and creating a series of artworks - utilizing a private space designated just for her and countless materials and art supplies. She has also had the opportunity to work with ACWL-Nuveen Artist Member Lester White - an accomplished painter based out of Grand Rapids who specializes in abstracts and portraits. After their first session together, Nina had this to say: "I loved how you could do any organic shape - he taught me [abstract painting] is based on your emotions." White will return once more to work with Nina on August 12 - he will also be teaching an Intro to Abstract class for students ages 10-18 that evening. Register for that here!

"So far, this experience has been very exciting." says Nina. "I've gotten to be somewhere brand new, have my own space, and the time to concentrate - see how a painting is going, get new ideas, and create something unimaginable, something someone has never done before".

Nina's work will be on display at the ACWL-Nuveen, and possibly a community location in her hometown of Muskegon Heights, in the coming months - stay tuned!


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