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Hands-themed Classes & Events

  • Sep 30, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
    Arts Council of White Lake-Nuveen Center, 106 E Colby St, Whitehall, MI 49461, USA
    Join us for a FREE, family-friendly, open-house event at the ACWL-Nuveen to celebrate our current exhibition - 'Through Our Lens: Hands'
  • Oct 03, 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
    Scholl Farms, 5955 Eilers Rd, Montague, MI 49437, USA
    Using a limited palette of primary yellow, blue, and red, with white and orange added, students will learn basic color mixing and color theory. Ages 16+
  • Oct 18, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Arts Council of White Lake-Nuveen Center, 106 E Colby St, Whitehall, MI 49461, USA
    Learn how combining an understanding of your subject with careful, measured observation can make your hand-drawing experience more successful. Ages 16+
  • Oct 25, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Arts Council of White Lake-Nuveen Center, 106 E Colby St, Whitehall, MI 49461, USA
    This is a special open studio class for middle and high schoolers! Laurel Geis will show students how to combine photographs and drawing to create a mixed media work based on the work of MC Escher. Limited to 10 students - registration is required.
  • Oct 26, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Arts Council of White Lake-Nuveen Center, 106 E Colby St, Whitehall, MI 49461, USA
    Jennifer Green, the photographer behind our current exhibition, Through Our Lens: Hands, will present a FREE lecture discussing how photographic storytelling (and storytelling in general) can enhance life.

About the Exhibition

The Arts Council of White Lake - Nuveen Center (ACWL-Nuveen) is honored to be hosting the Muskegon Museum of Art's Through Our Lens: Hands Exhibition September 8 through October 28, 2023. Capturing the unique and powerful stories of the inspiring people who are living, working, and transforming the Muskegon community, this exhibit shares the personal stories of approximately fifty individuals from across Muskegon County. Doctors, farmers, pilots, veterans, hairdressers, and gas station attendants, to name a few, are individuals featured in the exhibition. Although they all have unique stories, they share a common love for the community of Muskegon.

Through striking black and white photography by Whitehall photographer Jennifer Green, the visuals of Through Our Lens: Hands focuses exclusively on the hands of each individual as they share their story. Green’s photography captures the emotional depth of each story in a way that evokes senses of empathy, hope, love, triumph, and more.

Complimenting Green’s photography in the exhibition are stories written by local journalist, Susan Harrison-Wolffis. Known for her passionate storytelling, Harrison-Wolffis traveled with Green to meet with each individual and listen to their stories. She recorded and used their words to create compelling narratives which will be available to read as you peruse the exhibit.

The individuals featured in Through Our Lens: Hands were carefully selected by a dedicated committee who represent various areas and industries within Muskegon County, as well as staff at the Muskegon Museum of Art. The committee was intentional in selecting the featured individuals, who are from each region of Muskegon County and are contributing their own passions, experience, and expertise to the growing community of Muskegon.

Hands hold the history of their person, and it is the goal of this exhibition to share a small piece of their history and how each of these hands has worked to make Muskegon County a better place for all.

Through Our Lens: Hands at the ACWL-Nuveen is made possible by Howmet Aerospace Foundation, Eastbrook Homes, Susan & Frank Bednarek Fund of the Community Foundation of Muskegon County, and Craig & Deb Harris.

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