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Rendering Identity

The ACWL-Nuveen’s second guest artist show for 2023, sponsored by Eastbrook Homes, is entitled Rendering Identity. Open to the public April 28 and on view until June 10, this exhibit will feature two dynamic figurative painters, Matias Brimmer and Gypsy Schindler. The theme for this exhibit is right on topic – how do we perceive identity? How are contemporary artists revisiting the age-old practice of portrait painting and giving it a fresh spin and meaning in 2023? This provocative topic is dense and layered. Both of these talented artists tackle the concept of portraiture and identity through their skillful and bold use of paint – rendering their subjects with a confidence displayed in their brushwork, composition, and the sheer scale of their artwork.

Blue Scream, Acrylic on canvas, Matias Brimmer Alok, Oil and acrylic on canvas, Gypsy Schindler

Gypsy Schindler states this about their work, “Portraiture has significant meaning within the context of art history. It is indubitably a record of the growth of humanity and our movement through time. One of the most imperative functions of portraiture is to increase our capacity for understanding and empathy. A portrait allows us to search through another’s face and look longer than would be normally, socially acceptable. This silent conversation we have with ourselves reflects our own assumptions and biases as well as how we understand each other's history. It is a psychological process that can hold the potential for emotional awareness and self-directed evolution, one portrait at a time.”

Prior to putting paint on canvas, Matias Brimmer finds inspiration for his figurative work through his interests in philosophy, psychoanalysis, and art history. His reading and research of the human mind fuel his passionate, often characterized as violent, gestural mark-making approach to painting. The visual effect of these bold brush strokes keeps the viewer intrigued about the identity of his subjects as in the artist words, “they slide between figuration and abstraction.”

We invite the community to join us on Friday June 9 from 5 – 7pm for a public reception for the Rendering Identity exhibition. There will be a discussion with both Gypsy and Matias starting at 6:00pm. Also, in conjunction with the exhibit, Matias Brimmer will be offering a workshop - Exploring the Portrait in Charcoal – Saturday May 6 from 1 – 4pm. You can register for this class in person or online –

For a more in-depth look into the creative minds of Gypsy and Matias – check out ACWL-Nuveen’s Events Coordinator, Ian Martin’s, engaging and candid interview with these exceptional artists. This is a two-part interview, starting with the video below which is a quick watch. Watch until the end and then click the link to listen to the entire conversation.

View more of Gypsy and Matias's artwork here:


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