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End of Year Giving Campaign Raises over $15,000 for ACWL-Nuveen

When Arts Council of White Lake - Nuveen Center (ACWL-Nuveen) staff established their plan to encourage End of Year donations, they set a goal of raising $2,500, all of which would generously be matched by an anonymous donor to reach a total of $5,000. Amazingly, that goal was met by the end of Giving Tuesday - Tuesday, November 28, 2023. When the anonymous donor agreed to up their match to $5,000, a new goal was set. Over 50 people in the White Lake community and beyond answered the call and obliterated that goal, donating in total $10,680! When added to the anonymous match, that brings the grand total to $15,680!

The generosity of this community and the love shown to the ACWL-Nuveen is astounding. For staff, board, volunteers, teachers, and students it is inspiring and motivating to see such support for the arts programming the ACWL-Nuveen provides. It gives us the desire to continue to improve upon all we do and to offer even more to those we serve. Thank you for giving us this opportunity and for your consistent support. We really couldn't do it with you!

  • Jim & Gretchen Allen

  • Margaret Billups

  • Elizabeth & James Bolger

  • Carol Brand Twa

  • Lois Brinks

  • Ron & Nan Bruskotter

  • Lori Coleman

  • Esther Cryderman

  • Anne Dake

  • Tracy Dobson

  • Julia Donahue

  • Debra Chris Dykema - in honor of Don & Chris Dykema

  • Mary Jo Ernst

  • Dave & Cindy Francis

  • Alice Gambel

  • Steve Gunter

  • Jane Hanna

  • Shelley Hanson

  • Alice Hollister - in honor of Frank Hollister

  • Alan Jackman

  • Dee Jasick

  • Kristine Jordahl

  • Pat Kelly

  • Katherine Ketchum

  • Judy Lee

  • Mary Milne - in honor of Judy Rogers

  • Maribeth Morby

  • Karissa Peyer

  • Irene Pierson

  • Doug & Susan Prosch

  • Maryann Reichelt

  • Kathy & Greg Rogers - in honor of Judy Rogers

  • Tim Ryan

  • Joe Sadony

  • Sue Savoie

  • Laura Schultz

  • Scott & Karen Sommer

  • Kathy Sicher

  • Laura Sikkenga - in honor of Michael Basaj

  • Edith Bliss Stubbs

  • Jim & Martha Tanis

  • Tom & Liz Trzaska

  • Christopher Penn - in honor of Christopher & Diane Penn

  • Holly VanderPlaats

  • Katrina Veerhusen

  • Howard Whelan

  • Shelley Williams

  • Tom & List Wurst

  • Susan & David Young


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