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Thank You, ACWL- Nuveen Volunteers!

With 2021 coming to a close it gives us a chance to reflect and look back at all the individuals who have been such a tremendous help to the ACWL-Nuveen! With a small staff of 1.5 handling the day-to-day operations, program planning, grant-writing and retail gallery there are just not enough hours in the day for us to accomplish everything we hope to do to keep the ACWL-Nuveen humming. That is where our generous and committed multi-generational volunteers come in. We are incredibly grateful for all of the ways they give of their time: from cleaning and organizing art supplies and our retail gallery, to helping at our summer free concerts, planning and executing fundraising events, and ALL of the committee work! We truly could not provide all of the accessible arts opportunities for the community without the individuals who volunteer in the following ways:

- ACWL-Nuveen Board Members - Shelley Williams, Cindy Francis, Jane Hanna, Kathy Rogers, Deb Harris, Peter Johnson, Lynn Cotter, Laura Ritchie, Julie Aebig, RJ Nordlund, Chris Jones, Ashlynn Kafka, Holly VanderPlaats, Michelle McCormick, and Alison Chen

- Fundraising Committee Members - Alice Gambel, JoAnn Hulce, Lynn Cotter, Jane Hanna, Tim Prosch, MaryAnn Correll, and Patty Engblade

- Membership Committee Members - Kathy Rogers, Beth Pickard, Barb Aardema, Susie Rehrer, Laura Ritchie, and Sally Schwartz

- Endowment Committee Members (you all deserve hugs and high-fives and prizes and confetti!) - Susan Newhof, Mary Wisnom, Molly Gillhespy, Ann Erler, Jane Hanna, Laura Schultz, Monica Herman and Jon Blyth. Also a big thank you to all previous committee members!!

- Personnel Committee Members - Shelley Williams, Lynn Cotter, Michelle McCormick

- Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Members - Susan Wink, Peter Johnson, Kathy Rogers, Shelley Williams, and Laura Ritchie

- Gallery Committee Members - Susan Wink, Peter Johnson, Kathy Rogers, Chris Jones, Deb Harris, and RJ Nordlund

- Finance Committee Members - Cindy Francis, Deb Harris, Jane Hanna and Shelley Williams

- Concert Crew Members - MaryAnn Correll, Monica Herman, Barb Aardema, Lynn Cotter, Janet Graham, and Beth Funk

- Exhibit, Art Walk, and Holiday Walk volunteers - Ann Kraus, Chris Jones, Alison Chen, Peter Johnson, Kathy Rogers, Holly VanderPlaats, Ashlyn Kafka, Sova Jones, Franzon Family, and MaryAnn Correll

- Garden Art Adventure volunteers - Entire Fundraising Committee, Peter & Jan Johnson, Doug & Trudy Kniff, Linda and Marke Busse, Dirt Daubers, Janet Anderson, Shirley Bennett, Carol Brand Twa, Patty Engblade, Patti Townsend, Lester White, Mary Jo Ernst, Missy Morrow, Robert Jackson, Claybanks Pottery, Studio 2 Gallery, Marilyn Ryan, Cheryl Butler, Lori McElrath Eslick, Jackie Cornfield, Nancy Armitage, Julie Hegedus, Suzanne Moynihan, Shelley & Tom Williams, Michelle McCormick, Linda Foley, Carol Voights, Laura Ritchie, Tom Mackenzie, Stacey Chen, Michelle Kunze, Susie Rehrer, Nan Klassen, Eric Engblade, Courtney DeBoer, Judy Lee, Ed & Carol Schrand, Jim & Kim Rose, Jim & Virginia DeMumbrum, Shelbie Noel, Nancy Resche, and Carolyn Carmel

- Gallery, Classroom and Storage-organizing volunteers - Ashlynn Kafka, Alison Chen, Natalie Franklyn, Chris Jones, Ellie Koegel, Alice Gambel, Jane Hanna, and Shelley Williams

Every single one of these people have spent countless hours furthering the mission of the ACWL-Nuveen. While we have tried to list everyone by name, we apologize if we missed anyone. We truly appreciate you. THANK YOU!


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