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Second City Improvisers Discuss Fear and Becoming a Meme

Updated: May 7

On the other side of Lake Michigan, theaters like Second City, iO (formerly Improv Olympic), and The Annoyance have helped create the epicenter of improvisational comedy. This summer, we have two veteran Second City improvisers coming to the White Lake area to take part in an improv fundraiser for ACWL-Nuveen.

Kevin Reome and Dee Ryan will lead a beginner class and an intermediate class on Friday, May 31 and, that same evening, will perform an improvised set called Improv(e) Your Life at The Playhouse at White Lake. Students in the intermediate class will join Kevin and Dee on stage for the first half of their show. If you're not an improviser, but you'd like to take part in the fundraiser, you can attend Improv(e) Your Life and see Kevin and Dee perform alongside local improvisers.

Kevin and Dee were kind enough to get on a Zoom call for a fun discussion about their experiences as improvisers. Dee recounted how she wound up performing on The Office, which led to her becoming a meme. And Kevin describes what it was like doing a TED Talk about the life lessons he's learned from improv.

Beginner Improv Class—10am-12pm, Friday, May 31 @White Lake Community Library

Get the basics of improvisation with this introductory class. Nervous? Don’t be. This gentle fundamentals class will be hilarious and fun without expectations of having to think fast or be funny—but don’t be surprised if both of those things happen. Join us. We’ve got your back.

Intermediate Improv Class—2pm-4pm, Friday, May 31 @White Lake Community Library

With the improv experience you have let’s ramp up your scene work and give you some new skills and techniques. We will do some character-work as well as build your confidence on stage. Get ready to take your work to the next level, support each other and be supported. Laughing imminent. Students will improvise that evening with Dee and Kevin during their performance at the Playhouse at White Lake.

Improv(e) Your Life Show—7pm-8:30PM, Friday, May 31 @The Playhouse at White Lake

Kevin Reome and Dee Ryan will perform an improvised show - Improv(e) Your Life - as well as lead two improv workshops earlier in the day. Students in the Intermediate Improv Class will join Kevin and Dee on stage for the first half of the show.


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