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New Exhibition!

What do plastic slide sheets filled with dried veggies, re-purposed vintage textiles, mesh onion bags and cast shadows have in common? These unique visuals all come together in our second 2024 guest artist exhibition - Discovery Through Process: Contemporary Fiber Art, April 30 – June 8. The show, sponsored by Eastbrook Homes, features the artwork of distinguished Michigan-based fiber artists, Boisali Biswas, Susan Moran, and Sally Rose. The three artists are long-time friends connected not only by their camaraderie but their shared love of textiles and a commitment to the advancement of Fiber Arts across the state and beyond.


The exhibit title – Discovery Through Process summarizes Boisali, Susan, and Sally’s open and fluid approach to artmaking. The artists emphasized the importance of direct hands-on fiber techniques as the path of innovation for their creative ideas. All three of these skilled artists employ labor intensive repetitive tasks such as embroidery, weaving, and papermaking to create transcendent works of art. ACWL-Nuveen's Marketing and Events Coordinator, Ian Martin, dug deeper into what makes these artists tick during engaging interviews with each of them. To learn what motivates and inspires their creativity click on the links below.


Boisali Biswas, based in West Bloomfield, Michigan uses the loom to weave intricate stories told through layers of rich colorful upcycle materials. Combined with separate hand-stitched pieces, Boisali hangs her weavings in layers off the wall and in units that cascade from the ceiling. Boisali not only weaves and embellishes the physical pieces, she manipulates the artwork with added features to promote intriguing ephemeral cast shadows on the wall.

Susan Moran, from Ann Arbor creates dense and lyrical large scale hand embroidered wall textiles. The scale of her work invites the viewer to visually step into the inventive world she composes from vintage textiles, collage, silkscreened, and stitch-resist dyed imagery. A keen observer of nature, Susan creates hybrid images inspired by objects found in our natural and human-made environment.

Sally Rose, located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan pushes the boundaries of Fiber Arts. Educated in traditional textile practices and a Professor Emerita from Central Michigan University where she taught Fiber Design, her current artwork is an exploration of the complex beauty found in the natural fibers of dried vegetables, grape stems, and the shapeshifting possibilities of paper pulp.

Please mark your calendars for a free reception for the artists on the closing date of the exhibit – Saturday June 8 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Boisali, Susan and Sally will all be in attendance and conducting a lively conversation – question/answer with the public.


The ACWL-Nuveen is open Tuesday – Friday – 11:00am – 5:30pm and Saturday 1:00pm – 3:00pm. If you have questions about this exhibit or any of our programing – please call – 231-893-2524 – or keep in touch via social media.



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