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Second City Improvisers Coming to Improv(e) Your Life

On the other side of Lake Michigan, theaters like Second City, iO (formerly Improv Olympic), and The Annoyance have helped create the epicenter of improvisational comedy. Last summer, we were fortunate to have improv comedy luminary Liz Allen visit the White Lake area to lead an improv workshop and perform her one-person show. That event was so popular that demand quickly grew for another improv-related event.

This coming summer, we're doubly lucky because we have not just one, but two professional improvisers coming to the White Lake area. Kevin Reome and Dee Ryan will lead a beginner workshop and an intermediate workshop as well as perform an improvised show titled Improv(e) Your Life. And this year, there's a twist for the performance. Not only will Kevin and Dee perform an improvised set together, they'll also perform part of their show with students from the Intermediate Improv Class.

For students in the Intermediate Improv Class, this is an opportunity to perform alongside improvisers who have an impressive level of experience. Kevin Reome has been studying improv for over 30 years, starting first at The Second City Training Center in Chicago and then also at iO Chicago with Del Close. He is a founding member of the long-form improv team “Inside Vladimir” which performed as a house team at iO and The Playground Theater. Kevin starred in The Real, Real World with the Upright Citizens Brigade at the Del Close Theater in the 90’s.

Between facilitating improv students and corporate groups improv training has taken Reome to the University of Michigan, Detroit, Atlanta, Cincinnati, San Diego, Baltimore, Mexico City and many others including the Western Michigan University football team and the Detroit Tigers. The Chicago theater groups and corporate entities Kevin has trained are too numerous to mention. He currently teaches at the Second City Training Center in Chicago as a faculty member and has since 2005. In 2014 he taught in Osaka, Japan for The Second City. Kevin has a B.A. in English and a teaching degree from Western Michigan University.

Dee Ryan has a diverse work experience spanning several industries. Dee has worked as an instructor at The Second City since 2022. Prior to that, they were a producer, host, and writer for Louder Than a Mom, a theme-based storytelling show, starting in 2014. Dee also served as an adjunct professor at Northwestern University's Department of Radio, Television, and Film, where they created and implemented curriculum and taught improvisational skills from 2013 onwards. Dee has also worked as a freelance screenwriter, script consultant, and television writer since 1998 and 2012, respectively.

During their earlier years, Dee worked at The Second City as a teacher at large, teaching improvisation and writing from 2002 until 2010. Dee also wrote and performed their play "DeeConstruction" at various theaters across the United States, including IO, UCB, Pittsburgh Public Theater, Merrimack Repertory Theater, and Center Stage.

Beginner Improv Class— 10am-12pm, Friday, May 31 @White Lake Community Library

Get the basics of improvisation with this introductory class. Nervous? Don’t be. This gentle fundamentals class will be hilarious and fun without expectations of having to think fast or be funny—but don’t be surprised if both of those things happen. Join us. We’ve got your back.

Intermediate Improv Class—2pm-4pm, Friday, May 31 @White Lake Community Library

With the improv experience you have let’s ramp up your scene work and give you some new skills and techniques. We will do some character-work as well as build your confidence on stage. Get ready to take your work to the next level, support each other and be supported. Laughing imminent. Students will improvise that evening with Dee and Kevin during their performance at the Playhouse at White Lake.


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