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Local Artist works to make Karner Blue Butterfly the State Butterfly of Michigan

Children's book author, illustrator, and ACWL-Nuveen Member Artist Lori McElrath Eslick is on a mission. In collaboration with students across Muskegon County and State House Representatives, she has been working to have the Karner Blue Butterfly named as the State butterfly of Michigan. The Karner Blue Butterfly has been considered an endangered species since 1992, due to loss of habitat caused by land development and unbalances in the natural rhythms of ecosystems where they thrive. In order to name the Karner Blue Butterfly the State Butterfly, a bill - HB#4661 - must pass through both the House of Representatives and the State Senate.

You can read more about Lori's efforts in this guest post she wrote for the Land Conservancy of West Michigan:

The ACWL-Nuveen is excited to help spread the word about this unique butterfly. At our Artisan Market on Saturday, August 8, we will have Karner Blue Butterfly coloring sheets and a stained-glass butterfly craft kit for guests to take home. Lori will also be on hand painting and talking with market visitors about the butterfly and the steps necessary to make the distinctive Karner Blue our State Butterfly.

To help now, contact Jason Sheppard, the committee chair of the Government Operations Committee. You can call or write Rep. Sheppard to ask him to move the HB#4661 forward to make the Karner Blue Butterfly the State butterfly.

Jason Sheppard 

Phone: (517) 373-5795  Email:


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