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Controlled Chaos - Exhibition of Paintings by Sarajane Fellini & Ron Fellin

“Controlled Chaos” was the title that artists /partners Sarajane Fellini and Ron Fellin selected for their exhibition back in the planning stages for this show in February. Four months later “controlled chaos” resonates more broadly as we navigate these times of the COVID-19 pandemic and political unrest in our country. Ron and Sarajane’s exhibition of large ambitious paintings and mixed media artworks offer an antidote to the theme – they find beauty in the chaos and face the challenges of painting and the creative process head-on. Their uniquely opposite, yet complimentary painting styles fill the ACWL-Nuveen gallery space with color, light, intensity, and exuberance – a salve for the times. These recognized Montague artists, who originally met and formed their creative life partnership in Iowa, approach the creative process differently - Sarajane’s style is fluid and loose - Ron’s is structured and densely layered. Within these contrasts the viewer can appreciate a common thread, to these artists chaos does not mean disorder, chaos is the spark for finding ways to bring the visual elements together in fresh and innovative ways.

We invite you to stop-by and view the work in-person. “Controlled Chaos” will be up from July 7 – July 31 and can be viewed during our regular open hours. We will also be creating a slideshow of the exhibition for online viewing.


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