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Classes Corner

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Our January - April class schedule is full of awesome, fun and educational offerings. We have multi-part classes for all age groups. Listed below you will find information on: The Fundamentals of Art, Exploring Art, and Child's Play. You can sign up for one class or the whole series.

Fundamentals of Art

Learn the basics of drawing and painting in this four-session intro to visual art class taught by artist Sarajane Fellini. This course will give adults of all skill levels a fun creative outlet and help them gain confidence in their art practice.

The class will meet the third Thursday of the month, January - April from 11:00 - 12:15 at the ACWL-Nuveen art studio. Cost per class is $15 and includes all materials. Sign-up for all four classes by January 16 and the cost will be $50.00.

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Class schedule and topics:

January 16 - Drawing the Face 

Students will learn the basics of facial shapes, proportions and shading techniques to create unique pencil portrait drawings. Instruction will include a discussion of photo portraits in Carolyn Carmel’s 101 Faces Portrait exhibit on display in the ACWL-Nuveen Gallery.

February 13 - Still Life

French Impressionist painter Claude Monet and the book Monet’s Kitchen will be the inspiration for this lesson. Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing from a still life set up in the classroom using oil pastels. 

March 19 - Color

Introduction to painting and the fundamentals of color theory using watercolor. Students will learn tricks and techniques for successful color mixing.

April 16 - Abstract Painting

Students will create an abstract composition on canvas using acrylic paint, brushes and palette knives to develop an expressive impasto surface.

Exploring Art

Explore Art with Chelsea Kirksey! Learn about Henri Matisse and his method of drawing with scissors. This class is designed for students ages 6-12.

Exploring Matisse is the first class in our Exploring Art series. In each of these classes, you will learn about a particular artist and then create a piece in the style of that artist. This class will be held the 3rd Saturday of each month, January - April, from 1-3pm. (Jan 18, Feb 15, March 21, and April 18). Sign up for one class ($20) or all four ($75).

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Featured Artists/Topics:

February: Faith Ringgold - Narrative Quilts

March: Lascaux - Prehistoric Paintings

April: Michelle Reader - Found Materials

Child's Play

Release your inner child through theatrical experiences! This class is designed for adults who have a desire to explore theatre activities as a creative outlet, and perhaps become more comfortable in front of an audience. This experience is perfect for someone who has never performed but secretly wants to. Facilitator Alice Gambel will  provide a non- threatening way for you to test the waters of performance. If you are an experienced actor/actress, you are encouraged to join the class for a winter month activity. 

$30 for all 3 classes.  $15 each class separately. Reservations by January 21 encouraged.

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February-March classes have not yet been posted online for Fundamentals of Art or Exploring Art. If you would like to sign up, please call us at (231) 893-2524 or email Erin at

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