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Change of Seasons Award Winners- 2020

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Updated June 4, 2020:

The ACWL-Nuveen is now open, with limited capacity. Please take a moment to visit and view this outstanding exhibit, which will be up through June 26. If you would prefer to view the exhibit over Zoom, please email Erin at

Our current hours are as follows:

- Tuesday - Friday: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

- Saturday: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Original post: April, 2020

With the ACWL-Nuveen Gallery closed due to Coronavirus concerns, we thought we'd share photos of the winning entries from this year's Change of Seasons Exhibition. Although these pieces are best viewed in person, we hope these photos bring a little joy to your day.

We are posting photos of the entire exhibit each week on our Facebook page, Please Like and Follow!

Thank you to our Change of Seasons sponsors for making this exhibit possible: Laura Schultz, Jane Hanna, Shelby State Bank of Montague, Mylan's Waterfront Grille, and The Trophy Center of West Michigan

Adult Division

1st Place: Christy DeHoog Johnson, Party Favors, Diptych, Mixed Media and Collage

2nd Place: Diane Zoellmer, Illumination, Digital Photography

3rd Place: Bev Hundley, Fire and Earth, Indigo Shibori on Linen with Stitching

ACWL-Nuveen Award: Laurel Geis, Animal Vegetable Mineral, Elegy 2, Mixed Media

Awards correspond to photos of artwork below from left to right (1st place furthest left, ACWL-Nuveen furthest right)

Adult Division Honorable Mention

Peter Johnson, Garden Spirit, Ceramic

Tim Prosch, Solitude, Photography

Sarah Sass, Veda Boo's Moon, Pen and Ink

Youth Divisions

ACWL-Nuveen Award: Alexandra Bartholomew, flip through, Mixed Media Altered Book

Kindergarten - Second Grade

1st Place: Lennon Dykman, Flower

2nd Place: Vera Mott, Self-Portrait

3rd Place: Greta Seaver, Slither the Snake

Honorable Mention: Frank Storm, Untitled

Third - Fifth Grade

1st Place: Liaum Storm, My Friend Bandit

2nd Place: Elliot Seaver, Bowl of Berries

3rd Place: Fiona Seaver, The Forest

Sixth - Eighth Grade

1st Place: Lilly Hopkins, Spirit Wolf

2nd Place: Leo Johnson, Sci-Fi Vehicles

3rd Place: Finn McCauley, Wolf in the Woods

Sixth - Eighth Grade Honorable Mention

Leona Storm, Unfilled

Linnea Pothoven, Alfred

Ashlynn Kafka, N/A

Aris Ogden, Nature's Journey of Peace

Ninth - Twelfth Grade

1st Place: Natalie Max, Gabrielle

2nd Place: Lea Seifert, Honey Daze

3rd Place: Loretta Kersten, Madelyn

Ninth-Twelfth Grade Honorable Mention

Gabe Bass, Natural Compliments

Kennedy Hynde, Curly Portrait

Kara Rowley, La Floraison

P.S. Putting this blog post together really cements the importance of viewing art in person - whenever possible. Many of the photos above simply don't do justice to these beautiful works of art. Especially Natalie Max's, Gabrielle- a captivating drawing that is very misrepresented in the photo above due to bad lighting and my poor photography skills! Whenever we are able to open and reschedule the opening reception, I hope to see you there!

- Erin


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