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Artist Spotlight: Carleigh Tubergen

Spring is here, and our featured artist’s work fits the season and this month’s focus, Going Green, perfectly.

Carleigh Tubergen’s focus is botanical pencil and watercolor designs. She often transfers her designs into patterns that she prints onto cards, stationery, gift wrap and wallpaper. She is exploring fabric design this year.

Most of Carleigh’s inspiration comes from Mother Earth. She loves to garden, so found jobs throughout high school and college working in the middle of flowers. She also draws inspiration from the beauty and culture of Greece, where she took her first painting class.

“I always grew restless and bored in office jobs, and so often found myself invigorated by getting my hands in the dirt, or unpacking and arranging flowers in a shop. Using flowers as my main subject now was just a natural outcome of the things that I love most coming together in my work.

“I am a graphic designer as well as an illustrator, so the precision and detail in my design work and training comes through in my drawings as well. I like sharp, clean lines, but move my pencil organically and with varying line weight to create life and movement.”

Carleigh knew from a young age that she was an artist. Encouraged by her parents, she earned a degree in art and graphic design from Grand Valley State University. She did freelance design post-college, and now creates her art in a home studio as the stay-at-home mother of a one-year-old.

A relative newcomer to the White Lake area, Carleigh connected with Arts Council of White Lake after a friend learned she was an artist, and suggested she apply to our gallery. Welcome, Carleigh!


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