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ACWL-Nuveen Receives Funding to Continue Emerging Artists of Color Program in 2022

The Youth Advisory Council of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County has awarded the Arts Council of White Lake-Nuveen Center (ACWL-Nuveen) a $3,000 grant to continue their Emerging Artists of Color Program in 2022. This program, which is designed to serve Muskegon County artists of color between the ages of 16 and 20, was initiated in 2021 following the completion of an Intercultural Development Inventory of the ACWL-Nuveen, led by Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant Tracey Robertson.

After reviewing several applications, artist Nina Oliver, a junior at Muskegon Heights Academy was selected to spend three weeks in a studio residency at the ACWL-Nuveen. During that time, she worked on her portfolio, completing seven paintings, attended a Summer Art Camp, spent four hours with her Artist Mentor of color, Lester White, and received guidance from ACWL-Nuveen Assistant Director Susan Wink. Nina also received a $500 stipend, assistance with transportation and access to art supplies.

In 2022, the ACWL-Nuveen is looking forward to expanding this program by offering a larger stipend and more time with artist mentors. While Muskegon Heights-based painter J Arthur Sanders has already agreed to be an Artist Mentor in 2022, the ACWL-Nuveen will be doing a call for at least one additional artist mentor of color. A travel stipend will also be offered, making the program more accessible for the chosen young artist.

The ACWL-Nuveen is very grateful to the Youth Advisory Council for funding this program for 2022! The plan is to continue to grow this program in the coming years to be able to serve more young artists of color. If you are interested in sponsoring the Emerging Artists of Color Residency in 2022 and beyond, please contact ACWL-Nuveen Director Erin Peyer at


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