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A Day in White Lake

In conjunction with our last exhibition, which featured fine art prints by Southwest Michigan Printmakers, we encouraged visitors to write a story about their favorite exquisite corpse figure. The winning story was written by Jackie Liversedge - read it below!

Harry Wingman by Jackie Liversedge

I usually fly with my muscular arm wings extended wide but today I’ve decided to explore the White Lake area that I have only seen from my bird’s eye view. I set my hairy club like claws on the sidewalk at an inviting place where piano music is filling the air and coffee smells abound. The Book Nook is divine and I am glad I wore my knee length skirt to properly fit in. No one notices me enter, which is surprising considering my hairy legs, and I soar up to the counter to find Brian who immediately compliments the blue “13” tattoo on my bare corpse torso. He says I need to look no farther for the perfect book worm to fill my impressive six pack. Flattered, I promise to return soon. I walk down the street to an art gallery full of things that immediately ruffle my feathers. Studio Two is wonderful and I take a painting class only to discover that my one hand is not cooperating with my birdbrain intentions. Confused by my conundrum I skedaddle outside to find exactly what my long dry stork throat requires. A glass of wine at Jimmy’s Pub takes away my inner stomach floating blues and I realize my adventure must come to an end. Flying under the influence is not recommended. So, pointing my slender beak into the correct wind direction, as shown on the World’s Largest Weathervane in front of a curiously busy place called Montague Foods, I ascend to the sky once more with fond memories to store in my feathered cap of my fabulous day in White Lake.

Artists (Top to Bottom): Tamara Hirzel, Carol Paris, Deb Mattson, Don VanAuken


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