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ACWL-Nuveen Receives Donation from Sheila M. Daugherty Trust

Earlier this year, the ACWL-Nuveen was honored to receive a generous donation from the Sheila M. Daugherty Trust. Sheila Daugherty was a resident of Whitehall and used to volunteer at the ACWL-Nuveen as one of the regular front desk workers in the gallery. According to Sheila's son, Matt, Sheila, "loved to express herself artistically through photography, gardening, music, knitting, and cooking. The arts were an important part of her life and a great passion of hers."

Sheila M. Daugherty

Matt also said that Sheila, "had a strong desire to see to it that everyone in the public has access to the arts." We are so grateful that Sheila entrusted the ACWL-Nuveen to carry on sharing her love for the arts. We are committed to doing her proud by continuing our mission of making arts accessible to people of all ages in the White Lake community and beyond.

If you were friends with Sheila and have stories or photos you would be willing to share, please contact ACWL-Nuveen Director, Erin Peyer at or (231) 893-2524. We are hoping to acknowledge Sheila's gift in a more permanent way and would love ideas from those in this community that were closest to her.


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