Arts Council of White Lake-Nuveen Center Theater Workshop
10 Minute Play
2021 Winter Writing Challenge
Age groups: Youth - 13 to 18, Adult - 19 and up
DEADLINE: 5:00 p.m. on APRIL 15
Made possible by Stan & Jan Gorecki

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WHAT: The ACWL-NUVEEN invites you to submit an original play script for a 10 minute moment in time. The scene should be inspired by the following word: AFTER. The scene should never at any time talk directly about what the “Before” was that brought these people to the “After”. An audience member, after viewing the scene, should be able to infer what may have taken place earlier to lead to this moment. The piece can be dramatic, comedic, satirical or fantastical. The piece should not use more than 4 characters and can be a one person monologue. Acting time must land between 8 and 12 minutes. Take into consideration dramatic pauses.

WHO: Scripts will be divided into two groups for judging.
Group 1: Anyone of age 19 and over. 
Group 2: Anyone age13 through18.
Scripts will be judged by a person or persons with extensive theatrical background and/or experience. Playwrights will remain anonymous to judges until after selection.

WHEN: Scripts should be submitted before 5:00 p.m. on April 15, 2021.

HOW: Mail or deliver one hardcopy of the script to: Arts Council of White Lake-Nuveen Center, Attention: Play Script, 106 E. Colby Street, Whitehall, Michigan 49461.
One individual can submit up to 2 scripts. Scripts can also be submitted by a writing team of no more than 3 people. If you are in GROUP 1, an entrance fee of $15 should accompany each script. If you are in GROUP 2, you may submit one script for free. A second script would require a submission fee of $15. Note: If any name appears on a second script, a $15 fee is required for that script. Make checks out to ACWL-NUVEEN. Cash or Credit Card can be used if delivered, or you can pay with a credit card via our website:

GROUP 1: Each winning script will receive $75 and a public reading or performance of the piece between June 15, 2021 and December 31, 2022.
GROUP 2: Each winning script will receive $50 and a public reading or performance of the piece
between June 15, 2021 and December 31, 2022.
Winning scripts CANNOT be submitted to or performed by any other group prior to the public presentation arranged through the ACWL-Nuveen Theatre Workshop. Public presentation will be determined by future Covid 19 safety restrictions, and will release the script back to the playwright(s).


· All scripts must be typed in font no smaller than11,12 is preferred. Be sure to include page numbers.

· Cover Page:  The cover page should contain the following information: Title of Play, Type of Play, Playwright name(s). Contact information including name, address, phone number, email address and entry group (1 or 2) for each playwright should be listed on the lower half of the page. If you are Group 2, please put age following your name(s).

· Before the script begins, please identify the characters, their approximate ages/relationship to each other, and the general location of the scene. Do NOT tell us anything about the “Before” and do not let the location reveal that.

There are several online tutorials and articles to help you with formatting a play script.
Phrases to help you search: “How To Write a Play Script for Submitting”. “Formatting a Play Script”, “ How To Write a Play”.


Entry fee(s) can be paid via check included with hardcopy of the script. You can also pay with a credit card here ------------------------------------>

or at the ACWL-Nuveen: 106 E. Colby St. Whitehall, MI 49461

Writing Challenge Entry Fee

Writing Challenge Entry Fee


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