This year's Variety Show has unfortunately been canceled due to Coronavirus concerns. If you submitted a video and application we will make every effort to get you involved in a future ACWL-Nuveen Theater event!

2020 White Lake Community Variety Show, Road Trip


In 2019, the ACWL-NUVEEN produced a community variety show, CAMP WANNABEE, involving over 75 local youth and adults. Due to its success, a second community variety show is being created for June of 2020.

DESCRIPTION: A variety of community talent will be inserted into a basic story about a family taking a road trip to visit their extended family at White Lake.

If you would like to be considered for this production, you and/or your friends/family, should submit a video clip of your talent/performance skills. (i.e. instrumental, vocal, acting, magic, dance, etc) All ages welcome. Cross-generational acts and groups are encouraged.

Your abilities should be illustrated in a video clip not to exceed 2 minutes. A video taken on a phone is sufficient. If accepted, you will be extended an invitation to participate in the show performing something specifically agreed upon by yourself and the Director/Producer.

What is your talent? Singing? Dancing? Instrumental? Acting? Stand Up Comedy? Juggling? Contortion? Etc. All types of talent are encouraged. Variety is part of what we consider when offering spots to individuals or groups. Availability to rehearse evenings the week of the show is also a requirement. Rehearsals are not time intensive.  Note: If you were in last year’s show and want to audition, please audition with something that looks/sounds different than what you did last year.

1. Take a video of the person or people performing who want to be considered. If you audition as a group you will be   

    accepted or not accepted as a group. If accepted, you may be asked to change your number or performance in some

    way to help advance the storyline.
2. Video tape should not exceed 2 minutes even though the act might be longer.
3. State the name of the performer or representative of the group clearly at the beginning of the video.
4. Fill out the google form provided at and send the video recording to

    Make sure the name stated at the beginning of the video is the same name as the contact person on the form.
5. Make sure the form and video is sent between now and midnight on MARCH 31, 2020.

The Nuveen Center is accessible to all visitors–whatever their ability. Each room is wheelchair accessible, including classrooms and restroom. Guide animals are also welcome. Feel free to call us in advance of your visit so we can accommodate any special needs. 

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