A Different Kind of Landscape: Sous Bois in Gouache / July 11, 18, & 25 / 6-8pm


Experience landscape painting in a new way. Sous Bois, or “under the woods”, is the small landscape hiding beneath the trees, behind a shrub or on the forest floor. There is a long artist’s tradition of painting these quiet, intimate landscapes. We will explore these ideas in Gouache, the terrific paint with the funny name. A water based paint that shares character with both watercolor and acrylic, it is fundamentally easy to learn once you know a few tricks. We will look at examples of Sous Bois, talk composition, light and shadow, and how to deal with “green”. After creating sketches and taking photos, we will explore some gouache techniques, and finish with a small painting. This class is appropriate for ages 16 and up. 

The Nuveen Center is accessible to all visitors–whatever their ability. Each room is wheelchair accessible, including classrooms and restroom. Guide animals are also welcome. Feel free to call us in advance of your visit so we can accommodate any special needs. 

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