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Teach at the ACWL-Nuveen!

We are cautiously optimistic that we will soon be able to schedule classes without fear of having to cancel them due to COVID restrictions! As we plan classes with our tried and true teachers, we are also excited about welcoming new teachers into the fold. We are looking for interested artist/teachers who are passionate about the arts and want to share their skills with our community.

Teachers at the ACWL-Nuveen are paid $30 an hour and are eligible for prep time pay. If you have never taught for us before, we will ask for a resume covering your art education and teaching experience. If you don't have teaching experience but are an artist with skills to share, we'd still love to talk with you. Please read through our Teacher Contract for more information.

Currently we are scheduling classes for February-April with class size restricted to 6 - 7 students due to current social distancing mandates. All participants must wear masks and supplies will be sanitized before class begins. We are open to classes of any art-related topic, for students of any age. Classes can be a one-time workshop or a multi-week session. Our weekday evening classes are typically held between 6:00 and 8:00 pm Tuesday - Friday and we can also host classes on Saturdays. Depending on the demographic you hope to reach with your class, daytime classes are also an option. We are also looking for teachers interested in teaching a 3-day workshop for school-age children during the upcoming Spring Break (April 5-9).

We are especially interested in classes that could be held virtually or as a hybrid: with some students attending online and some in-person. We have done a bit of this in the past and are continuing to improve our technology capabilities. If you're concerned about the technology aspect - don't be! We've got a great set-up figured out and will handle all of the camera work and video editing. We will do whatever we can to ensure you're comfortable and able to create a successful, educational video. See the images below for examples of our set-up.

If you've made it this far, you MUST be interested! Please either submit a class idea or email ACWL-Nuveen Director Erin Peyer at to set up a time to chat about your class idea(s)!


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