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Summer Solstice Wine Tasting Fundraiser - A Great Success!

Non-profits like the Arts Council of White Lake - Nuveen Center would not survive without the generous support from community members and local businesses. We felt the love on Friday, June 23 at our Summer Solstice Wine Tasting, when enthusiastic patrons attended our biggest fundraiser of the year. 120 attendees helped us raise over $7,500 all while enjoying 14 different wines and a delectable spread of hors d'ouevres.

People from across the White Lake community helped make this event a rousing success. Sponsor Montague Foods, as well as volunteer Jim Allen, selected an engaging variety of red and white wines from five of the best wine-growing regions in the world: California, France, Italy, Australia and Michigan. Yes, you read that right, Michigan features over 140 wineries to meet a growing demand.

A team of volunteers along with ACWL-Nuveen staff worked together without a hitch to create a memorable evening. Over thirty people donated their time to pour wine, setup and breakdown tables and seating, hang and sell artwork, take tickets and hand out pamphlets, and much, much more. We're especially grateful to Lee Suits whose event furniture allowed us to offer comfortable outdoor seating for our attendees and guests enjoying the trombone performance. We are also so lucky to have had dynamo Alice Gambel leading the charge and planning the entire event with the help of the Fundraising Committee.

We'd also like to give a big thanks to Third Coast Trombone Retreat for their wonderful performances. The live music paired nicely with the sunny weather and attendees were treated to an intimate outdoor performance by some of the best young trombonists in the country.

Last but not least, thank you so much to our amazing event sponsor Carmichael Heating & Air Conditioning. This event would not have been possible without your support!!

And a BIG thank you to our business and individual sponsors:

Business Sponsors

Individual Sponsors

Jane Lane

Craig and Deb Harris

Phil and Lorraine VanderPol

Glenn and Alice Gambel

Pete and Mimi Kunz

Laura Schultz

Mackenzie Smith

Kathy Rogers

Dave and Lynn Cotter

Chip and Sue Sawyer

Robert and JoAnne Gulliver

Ron and Nan Bruskotter

Beth Funk

Jane Hanna

Dave and Beth Pickard

MaryAnn Correll

Jim and Gretchen Allen

Larry and Holly VanderPlaats

Bob and Lee Suits

Lester and Lily Engblade


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