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Plein Air Events 2021

Over the last two years, the ACWL-Nuveen has slowly been turning the month of July into a celebration of all things Plein Air. It started in 2019 with Art on the Farm and an open-call exhibition and has now grown to also include three Summer Art Camps for kids and four workshops for adults.

Here's what we have in store for 2021! To register, visit our website or call (231) 893-2524.

July 6-8: SOLD OUT Summer Art Camp: Hobbit Houses

In this 3-day summer art camp, students will create their own nature house out of found materials!

Ages 8-14


$10, $9 for ACWL-Nuveen Members @ACWL-Nuveen

In this 3-day summer art camp, students

will create their own nature house out of

found materials!

July 7-9: Watercolors on Location with Eric Michaels, NWS

Join National Watercolor Society Signature Member, Eric Michaels, for a 3-day Plein Air Watercolor Workshop!

For painters with some experience

Ages 16+


@Meet at ACWL-Nuveen - will be painting at a different location each day

$100, $90 for ACWL-Nuveen Members

$20 for supplies (if needed)

July 10: Sun Print Pillow Cover

Create your own unique throw pillow using light sensitive dyes and the summer sun!

Ages 16+, younger children may attend with an adult


@Artisan Market Village

$30, $27 for ACWL-Nuveen Members

July 13-16: Summer Art Camp: Nature Art

In this 4-day summer art camp, students will create art using materials found in nature!

Ages 4-8



$10, $9 for ACWL-Nuveen Members

July 15: Intro to Plein Air Painting

Learn the fundamentals of plein air watercolor painting with artist Lori McElrath-Eslick.

Ages 16+


@Pavilion by Montague Foods/Bike Trail - 4484 Spring St. Montague

$40, $36 for ACWL-Nuveen Members

July 20-22: Summer Art Camp: Trees with Personality

In this 3-day camp, students will take a closer look at trees and discover how to capture them in a drawing or painting.

Ages 12-17



$10, $9 for ACWL-Nuveen Members

July 22: Meinert Park Sketch Workshop

Enjoy an evening at Meinert Park while learning how to capture a quick nature sketch.

Ages 16+, younger children may attend with an adult


@Meinert Park

$40, $36 for ACWL-Nuveen Members

July 23: Art on the Farm

Bring your art supplies for a day of exploration and creating at the beautiful Lundell Farms in North Muskegon. Farm-to-table lunch provided by Lundell Farms and Rusty Morningstar of Bone Ends.

Ages 18+


@Lundell Farms

$50, 45 for ACWL-Nuveen members

July 31: Sketching the Soul of a Tree

Through a focus on trees, participants will learn techniques for creating form and depth and adding interest and texture.

Ages 16+



$35, $31.50 for ACWL-Nuveen Members

August 3-September 11: Plein Air Open Call Exhibition

Open to all community members and students that participated in a Plein Air event. Entry forms will be available on our website at a later date:

To register for any of these events, call (231) 893-2524 or visit


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