Landscape Tips

Choosing the best photo

Here are some tips for choosing a good landscape photo to turn into a painting!

  • Image has a foreground, middle ground, and background

  • Image is not TOO busy

  • Consider the size/orientation of the photo. Your canvas will by  10" x 20". Horizontal orientation is recommended. 

Foreground, middle ground, and background in a Van Gogh Painting
Landscape Painting.png
A Bad Photo vs. a Good Photo and Why!
Bad Photo
  • Foreground is too busy and dominates the image

  • You can't see to the horizon

Good Photo
Landscape Painting ex.png
  • Has a foreground, middle ground, and background

  • Eye is drawn to the horizon

Submit your chosen photo to If you're not sure if your photo is a good choice, email it to anyway and we will let you know if it's a good option!